River Esk and Muncaster Castle – 9km Walk Guide

This was a 4 hour walk around the village of Ravenglass. It would be a nice walk for those with dogs, they’ll be off the lead a great part of the way. I used the Ordnance Survey Map 0L6 (The English Lakes, South Western Area), and its best to take that map, as the route isn’t always clear.

You start the walk at Ravenglass Campsite itself. Walk along a footpath that leads into woods opposite the campsite for 5 minutes, to the village of Ravenglass itself and then along it’s small high street. At the end of the street the road just peters out and you’re on the beach.

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Turn left (south) here. The path is marked on the map as running along the bank of the River Esk, and it’s pretty clear in most places. You pass a Roman Fort, which isn’t very visible at all (if it wasn’t marked on the map you’d probably miss it); the views to your right of Eskmeals Dunes Nature Reserve is very wild and peaceful.

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Just before you reach the bend in the river you have the choice of carrying on straight and fording the river (although I can’t see how you can do this, it looked far too deep even at low tide) or turning left and heading under the train track; take this second option. Within 10 minutes you’ll be at the river’s edge.

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The path now hugs the riverbank for a good half hour. Easy to follow as it’s now the Cumbrian Way and well used, with lovely views. The Esk is one of Cumbria’s most beautiful rivers.

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The map shows the path as marked in red, not the usual green. This is fine, there are no restrictions, you can still use it.

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Just as you pass Muncaster Castle up away to your left you will enter a wood and then come to this bridge…

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Cross it, then bear left across Hirst Park. The path will take you to the A595 road, which you’ll then have to walk along for about 10 minutes, back up to the point just opposite Muncaster Chase, where there is a footpath to your left that will take you into the grounds of the castle itself. You can’t stop at the castle as it is a paying attraction (unless you pay, in which you’re fine!) but you can admire it as you walk pass, and the gardens are very pretty as well.

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After passing through Dovecote Wood (marked on the map, just after the castle) you come to a high point of open ground, from here you can see the estuary and sea around Ravenglass. The onwards path isn’t too clear, but you’re just heading downwards, towards Newtown. I am sure I got lost, but its a small area and I quickly got back on the right path. From Newtown, which is little more than a couple of houses, the path bears right, past the sizeable remains of a Roman Baths, and within a few minutes you’re back at the Ravenglass Campsite.

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